Dr. Mark J. Britzman, Ed.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Author ◆ International Glasser Scholar ◆ Tenured Full Professor


     Dr. Mark J. Britzman is a licensed psychologist and practices at Black Hills Psychology in Spearfish, SD. He is a former tenured professor in Counselor Education.  Mark provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families, and is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of promoting psychological health, marital preparation, and character education.

     Mark was chosen as an International William Glasser Scholar.  He received advanced training and certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy to ensure that he can keep his counseling skills at a high level and integrate new research to help others in a pragmatic and meaningful fashion.  

     Mark received the South Dakota Counseling Association’s highest award for service to his field and the Outstanding Teaching, Advising, and Research Awards in the College of Education and Human Science at South Dakota State University.

     The Britzman’s were also the recipient of “Fun-filled Family of the Year." 


About the Book

Offering more than psychological sound bites, Pursuing the Good Life shows you how to explore a new path by developing a plan that fulfills the need for love and belonging, empowerment, fun and enjoyment, freedom and independence, and higher states of good health and wellness. Britzman addresses how to:


  • Live well

  • Gain integrity with relationships

  • Find meaningful work

  • Experience a sense of purpose 


In this self-improvement book, Britzman provides an opportunity to self-evaluate and help you seize opportunities to make choices that are more life-enriching, leading to a better present and future. Pursuing the good life entails clarifying your hopes and dreams, finding an optimal direction that moves you closer to what you want, self-evaluating the consequences of your choices, and consistently developing a plan that is need-fulfilling.

Pursuing the Good Life: 

From Surviving to Thriving


Dr. Britzman is a practicing psychologist who serves the Northern Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming as part of Black Hills Psychology, located in Spearfish, SD.

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