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Healthy Coping as Pandemic Rages Onward

The candle of our lives is burning but flickered as the pandemic continues to rage throughout our community, country, and beyond. Losses accrue in the form of dreams for healthy living and freedom to spend time with our loved ones: increasing isolation, anxiety, and health challenges.

Adversity seems to cast light on the character of our citizenry, including political leaders. The obvious conclusion that when called upon, many of our leaders were not willing to do the right thing, especially when no one was looking, or it cost them more than they wanted to pay. As a psychologist, I have worked in the trenches and have directly seen the devastating emotional impact of COVID-19. Adversity motivated me to write the recently published book, Pursuing the Good Life: From Surviving to Thriving.

Thankfully, the everyday heroes in our lives came to the rescue of Americans. They have improved our moral landscape by seizing opportunities to help others in need. They often march into our lives without a drumbeat and point to the blue sky with their loving gestures. We can all indeed keep hope alive, and there are many willing to make our world a better place.

There are numerous life lessons because of the pandemic but pursuing the good life and taking control of our focus, attitude, and choices is something we can do. We must seize opportunities to help others in need. Loving your neighbor cannot be a soundbite, but rather a way of life!

Dr. Mark J. Britzman, Ed.D.

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